Limited Edition

unisex vegan sneakers

ethically handmade in europe from plants and trash.

15 trees planted with every pair. so far, we've planted over 9,000!

unisex vegan sneakers for men and women

unisex 100% vegan sneakers for men and women

our sneakers aren't just vegan; they're made with the world's highest-quality premium recycled materials.

and to reduce our carbon footprint, we only use locally sourced materials from europe whilst also planting 15 trees for every pair of trash planet footwear purchased.

so far, with your support, we've planted over 9,000 trees!

Three contemporary silhouettes means there's

a recycled vegan sneaker for every style

three years designing, developing and tweaking means we've constantly refined our vegan sneakers to not only be as durable as possible but also be as sustainable as possible.

our materials are tested for abrasion and tear resistance and are proven to be just as strong as real leather.

Pushing the boundaries of what's possible ...

send your trash planet vegan sneakers back to us for recycling

we don't just use recycled materials in our vegan sneakers - we use as many materials that can be recycled as possible so we can recycle our shoes into new shoes - again, and again.

we'll recycle our naturally tapped recycled rubber soles into new soles and our recycled mesh, which is made from recycled ocean waste into new materials and even our insoles.

we'll take your vegan sneakers back, recycle the components into new materials for us to use and as a thank you, you'll get £10 off your next pair.

Made to be better - in every single way

our vegan sneakers are ethically handmade in europe

we're not only committed to creating the world's best sustainable vegan sneakers - we're determined to change the industry with transparency around what we do. this is rute, who makes your footwear in our world-class european factory!

our factory adheres to strict european regulations and labour laws; our workers are paid the living wage and receive regular work hours that suit them.

fighting waste by using waste

to fight overproduction we only produce small quantities of limited edition vegan sneakers; each style is released with an embroidery detail of the date that they were first designed.

once they're sold out, no vegan sneaker will ever be made the same again.

we also use waste materials to create our premium vegan sneakers including: recycled plastic water bottles, recycled waste from the ocean, waste corn and sweetcorn fibres and even plant and tree fibres.

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