the chunkiest sustainable vegan sneaker ever

Billie - our chunky sneaker, will be the next vegan style to launch for pre-order.

It's made from over 50% recycled materials and features our custom designed chunky sole, which is made from 50% waste rubber, discarded by the footwear industry, blended with 50% natural rubber.

It has taken us over a year and a half to design and perfect Billie, so we are really excited to launch this sneaker soon!

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be sustainably bold

Forget big corporations pretending to be something they're not. Trash Planet and this sneaker are the defining shoes of a fashion rebellion.

This is the dream shoe that inspired us to make Trash Planet. This is the shoe that we drew up, scrapped and re-designed hundreds of times. It's the shoe we designed to disrupt the cheap and unsustainable fast-fashion industry by being the first chunky sneaker to be ethically made from recycled vegan materials.

We wont be quiet. If we can make these shoes, then the biggest corporations in the world could have done so too. However, they are used to paying lower and lower prices for manufacturing as they sacrifice human welfare for more profit, whilst using cheaper materials to pollute local areas.

The list goes on.

We have loads of exciting and even 'political' ideas for this sneaker, which we will be revealing in the near future and we will be dropping super limited quantities of some really exciting styles made from the most innovative, sustainable and vegan materials we have ever seen.

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