Meet Billie, our chunkiest vegan sneaker yet!

Designed in the UK. 100% vegan, 50% recycled, and ethically made in our boutique Portuguese factory, where workers are paid fairly.

Made with plastic from our oceans, recycled waste rubber, sweetcorn fibres, and even tree fibres.

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All vegan ●  50% recycled  ● Ethically made ● Free recycling scheme

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All of our sneakers are recycled, vegan, and ethically made

We call our sneakers damn close to perfect - and our Trash family thinks so too.

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100% Vegan and 50% Recycled.

5 star average reviews

We plant 50 trees for every pair purchased

Together, we can fight the climate emergency

Aside from using existing materials to reduce our impact together, we're making the world a greener place: we've already planted over 1,500 trees with your support!

We're currently planting in Madagascar. The best bit? The mangroves we plant in absorb up to FOUR times more carbon than terrestrial forests.

Together we're stronger

Our governments, big corporations, and the fashion industry have neglected the rights of workers and the environment for too long.

Rebel with us against the system that doesn't work. We're an independent, and our two founders were tired of boring sustainable brands that had no purpose and didn't inspire the change that we need.