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It's Full Circle

We've built our shoes to last. We've used the highest-quality European, vegan and sustainable materials currently available and we work with an incredible factory run by two brothers in Porto, which you can read more about here.

However, all good things tend to come to an end, so, if after years of wear, your shoes are beyond repair or you're just not wearing them as much as you used to then you can send them back to us in exchange for up to £20 off your next pair of Trash Planet sneakers.

What Happens to Your Sneakers?

We're not picky. The condition of your shoes doesn't matter. If they're too worn to wear then we will dismantle them and recycle them with our suppliers and partners.

If they can be scrubbed up, or they're still in a wearable condition, we'll donate them to charities local to the relevant warehouse.

Send Them Back and Get Money off your Next Pair