it's full circle

We've built our shoes to last. We've used the highest-quality European, vegan and sustainable materials available and we work with an incredible factory.

However, all good things come to an end, so if your shoes are beyond repair you can send them back to us in exchange for £15 off your next pair of Trash Planet sneakers.


so, what happens to them?

The condition of your shoes doesn't matter. If they're too worn to wear, we dismantle them and then store them until we deliver them to our suppliers for recycling.

Most sections of the shoe are ground down and then re-used; for example, our soles are broken into particles and then either used in soles as 'particles' or remoulded.

All of our selected material suppliers are able to recycle their materials - from the soles to the mesh.


of our sneakers is just as
important as the creation

That's why we designed our footwear from the get-go with recycling at mind.

Every core material that we've chosen is completely recyclable.