reincarnate your footwear

with our circular recycling scheme

we believe that the end-of-life of our sneakers

is just as important as their creation

that's why we're actively designing our footwear with recycling in mind to reach our target of 100% circular sneakers by 2023.


what happens?

at the moment it's a labour intensive process; we have to manually take apart each sneaker that is returned to us and collect and segregate each material for recycling with our suppliers.

whilst it's not perfect and we have some minor components that we're trying to find solutions for (small internal features) we're working on new designs to remove these parts and create a full range of 100% circular footwear.

how does it all work?

are any parts of your shoes biodegradable?

yes, our removable insoles are made with natural fibers and can biodegrade.

please remember to take these out and compost them before sending your shoes back to us!

can the whole shoe be recycled?

yes - almost! we can recycle our soles, uppers, insoles, lining and some internal components.

it's generally a very difficult process - particularly with sneakers - due to the components which hold the shape in comparison to a simpler style.

we're actively working on solutions for the minor components we've had trouble recycling and we believe we've found a new partner that will be able to recycle them for us!

either way, the industry is moving forward and we're utilising all of the latest developments in all of our styles.

what do you do with the parts that can't be recycled yet?

we're holding on to all components that can't be recycled whilst we find an alternative solution for them.