our planet has a

problem with plastic

only 9% of what has ever been manufactured has been recycled. yet 17.6 billion pounds of plastic enters our oceans every single year.

that's the equivalent to

dumping a garbage truck of plastic in our oceans every single minute.

preventing the source

of plastic is also key to solving the issue

The only mesh that we use is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. It's partly made with upcycled ocean plastic, which is collected by our partner's ocean clean-up initiative.

The clean-ups are where marine litter is picked from our beaches, coasts, ocean floor, surfaces and even rivers and estuaries.

All of our materials are

certified by oeko-tex

this means you can be certain that every component has been tested in a lab - cruelty free - for harmful substances and that they are therefore completely harmless and non-toxic.

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about our vegan materials

from recycled plastic mesh, to our lining made from corn fibres - innovation is what we're about and we're always pushing boundaries.