we dropped everything, packed our 20 year old car and set out to make one of the most sustainable sneakers on the planet

Imagine it.

We'd just finished a Masters at university researching sustainable fashion. We spent that period developing our idea and creating our brand. Then, the next day we decided to just do it. We packed all of our stuff into storage, put everything we needed into our car and left Cornwall (which is a tiny little place at the bottom of the UK for those of you not from the UK).

5 days in this beaten-up, rusty - but trusty - car

The next day we left. We couldn't even move in the car it was that full.

It was 3am on a cold, wet January morning in 2020, just before the pandemic. We drove through the entirety of France and Spain to get there. We didn't even have a flat. We just winged it. When we finally arrived, we stayed in Airbnb's and sat in cafe's for days just looking for somewhere to live. Fortunately we found somewhere on our third day, but it was tiny - and our home until July!

Then -- in our second month, we were put straight into lockdown due to COVID-19 - but we were determined to see it through.

making it through the pandemic

As we'd driven to Portugal, we decided there was no way we were going to go home. We were there to get our sustainable sneakers made. But either way - we had no choice to go home.

We'd taken pretty much everything we owned there, so we weren't even able to catch a flight back and the ferries had stopped running.

our commitment to sustainability and ethics

87% of the world's footwear is made in Asia due to cheap materials, and workers being exploited - and as a result, the industry is plagued with poor working conditions and areas that are heavily polluted.

We didn't think it was right trying to build Trash Planet from behind a screen thousands of miles away. We chose Portugal because it was close to home.

We moved to Portugal so we could ensure ethical working conditions and meet every single supplier and person that made our dream a reality. We've been able to get down and dirty with every area of our footwear production so we could understand the whole process from beginning to end.

Whilst there are countless, faceless brands out there, we wanted to do it different.


so, wondering what's next?

We put everything on the line to make one of the most sustainable sneakers on the planet. No sacrifice on style. No sacrifice on durability.

With your support, we've made a huge impact already. We've even planted over 5,000 trees!

But it doesn't end here.

We're constantly pushing and innovating and we're making progress on some incredible new sneakers. We've made it our mission to keep on developing and evolving our designs and materials to keep on making the most sustainable, fashion-forward sneakers.


a bit more about us

We are Jordan and Holly. We were tired of boring, bland sustainable brands and fast fashion companies run by billionaires promising to 'do right' by 2030 so we put everything on the line to do it ourselves.

Endless late nights working, researching and developing, whilst also completing a degree saw us scrap hundreds of shoe designs, brand names and logos until we settled on what is now Trash Planet.