A year and a half ago, we set out to create the most sustainable sneaker possible that combined style with purpose.

After endless designs and tweaks, the final result was Franco 620: over 75% recycled, ethical and made to be vegan.

The Best Bits

Help clean up the planet one sneaker at a time

Every sneaker is over 75% recycled and made with materials such as plastic retrieved from our oceans, sweetcorn fibres and even tree fibres!

You fight carbon by planting trees

As part of our commitment to do it better, we plant 15 trees in Madagascar for every pair of sneakers purchased. That means your purchase isn't just carbon neutral, it'll eventually be carbon negative!

Slayin' plastic bottles - not animals

We don't use any materials or glues from animal origin - our sneakers are made vegan and they always will be.

Get our first ever pair of sneakers!

620 is our first collection - each pair comes with this number embroidered into the side tab and it represents the date that they were made (June 2020). Don’t miss out and get your pair because no sneaker will ever be made the same again.


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Here's what people have to say...

"These trainers are awesome. I love that they are vegan, non-damaging for the environment and gorgeous!"
- Fran
"These shoes are such a high quality that they put some big name brands to shame. They fit perfectly and the company has fantastic ethics."
- Ben Kimble
From Britain with love

All of our sneakers are designed in Bristol, UK and made just outside of Porto in Portugal in our small family-owned ethical factory.

🇪🇺 Free European Shipping 🇪🇺

If you're in Europe, high-five because the shipping's on us! :)

Our Mission

We were tired of boring sustainable brands and fast fashion companies run by billionaires promising to 'do right' by 2030, so we put everything on the line to do it ourselves. In January 2020, we quit our jobs, packed our bags and filled our £200 car up with everything we could before driving over 2,500KM's from the UK to Portugal to make Trash Planet a reality.


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