Billie 920 Pink

- 100% Recycled Laces -

1 Plastic Bottle Becomes
1 Pair of Durable Recycled Laces.

We tested organic cotton laces, but they degraded in quality quickly and cotton requires a significant amount of water to produce.

So we opted for 100% recycled polyester laces - they're super durable, easy to clean and stay looking fresh for even longer.


Seriously Comfortable +

Our removable insoles are made with superior natural materials and they're also orthopedic. We don't compromise on comfort.

- Super Chunky Outsoles -

75% Recycled.
0% Compromise on Durability.

2 years of testing and development mean that our iconic soles are optimised to last. We've combined 75% recycled rubber from the fashion industry with 25% high-quality natural rubber to create a superior blend for reinforced strength.

We've also added extra thickness to the most common break points to provide even more support.

- Our Revolutionary Lining -

Corn Just Got Even Sweeter.

Our innovative new lining is a feature in all of our sneakers. It's made from 70% sweetcorn fibres and 30% recycled PET.

Plastic Doesn't Belong in our Oceans.

That's why we work closely with a global ocean clean-up initiative in Spain to bring value to waste. Our mesh is made with 100% recycled plastic and so far an estimated 600 tons of waste has been extracted from our oceans.

Let's take it out and keep it out!

- Trash Planet TakeBack Scheme -

And Fashion Don't Belong in Landfill

Let's make sure our shoes never end up there when you're finished with them. Send them back to us for recycling and get £10 to £20 off your next pair of Trash Planet sneakers.

It's our way of saying thank you for helping the planet.

- 15 Trees Planted For Every Pair -

Our War on Carbon

We always want to do better. That's why we'll plant 15 trees for every pair of Trash Planet sneakers that you purchase. But - it gets better. Our mangroves in Madagascar absorb up to 4x the amount of carbon than standard terrestrial forests.

So far, you've helped us to plant over 4,000 trees!

Here's to a greener, cleaner planet!